The Chicago She-Mads

These three variations of “She-Mads” will be exhibited in First Generation: A Revolution of Thought.  Come to the gallery to fill one out yourself!  After the exhibition, we will be mailing the letters to Rahm Emmanuel, Mayor of Chicago, as a form of petition and evidence that the Chicago art community is a vibrant and positive outlet for public and political concern.  Therefore, the Chicago art community requires better support!  

Exhibition Dates: March 8 - April 20, 2012 Opening Reception: March 15, 5-PM
Welcome to The Chicago She-Mads!!

Established in October 2011 out of the Guerrilla Girls workshop at Columbia College Chicago.  

We created three versions of “She-Mad” letters that will be hand distributed in the Chicago-land area.  These letters have blanks throughout the text for the viewer to fill in missing words fashioned after MADLIBS.  Please look for more posts containing printable copies of the letters to be filled in by YOU!  

Each letter will be exhibited inFirst Generation: A Revolution of Thought, an exhibition featuring work produced during the Guerrilla Girls October 2011 Residency at Columbia College Chicago as well as other student work addressing the new generation of activists.

Exhibition Dates: March 8 - April 20, 2012 Opening Reception: March 15, 5-PM

Arcade Gallery, 618 S Michigan Ave, 2nd floor, Chicago, IL 60605

First Generation: A Revolution of Thought is a group exhibition that explores the idea of cultural origin and what it means to be the “first” in a family or community to push, question or reinvent familial culture, structure or traditions. The exhibition showcases student artists from various fields of study who are not afraid to question the status quo, challenge antiquated modes of thinking and explore the concept of generational change between past and present.

At the root of this exhibition lie personal journeys, inner struggles and conflicts, as well as monumental triumphs. The underlying factors that contribute to each transformation as “the first” are what ultimately give this show its life. 

Artists include: Sophia Nahli Allison, Laura Anderson Barbata, Alisa Caron, Lilli Carre, Gloria Cristina, Elizabeth Isakson- Dado, Hannah Ferman, Michelle Graves, Ahmed Hamad, DeAndre Harris, Hannah Evangeline King, Kate Morgan, Caitlin Ryan, Jenna Rodriguez and Jamie Weaver. 

Curated by: Sharon Sanchez, BFA Graphic Design, 2014

Academic Partners: Book + Paper,  Photography